Our adventure begins in the town of Phandalin. Faelyn Dewstrider, a curious and  determined human Ranger; Angelique Everflight, a quiet and studious aasimar Wizard; Rem, a timid and distrusting Tiefling fighter; and Lind Heartlight, a sweet and hungry halfling Bard, meet each other at the Stonehill Inn.

It is suggested by the innkeeper, Toblin Stonehill, to assist the town in various tasks posted at the Townmaster’s Hall. This leads to the adventurers discovering the threat of Cryovain, a young white dragon, and the Cult of Talos, who have been terrifying the area separately.

As weeks go by, Lind leaves the party for her own reasons. During their first encounter wth the Cult of Talos they meet a shifter Rogue, Dunlin Mokthiron, who had been controlled by their leader. He joins the party in spite of their suspicions and distrust, and helps them defeat a thunder boar who appeared during a summoning ritual.

In the end, the party made their way to Icespire Peak and defeated Cryovain, making Phandalin and the surrounding areas safe from his tyranny.

When they returned to Phandalin as heroes, Toblin Stonehill, the innkeeper, tasked them with delivering an orphan tiefling to the nearby town of Leilon. This is where the next part of our adventure begins…