A Tiefling, Aasimar, and Human Walk Into An Inn | Before the Wilds | C1 S1

Hi there! I’m Dave, the Game Master (GM) for the podcast you’re getting ready to listen to.

Here’s the thing, though… this isn’t the podcast. The first string of episodes you’ll find here are actually the recordings of myself running my very first campaign with some very new Dungeons & Dragons players.

I explain this is the episode you’re listening to now, so this is very redundant. The TL;DR here is these episodes are rough and meant to be a tool for me to become a better GM before officially launching what will be The Friendly Wilds.

If you have played D&D before and have suggestions for ways I can improve what I’m doing or things the players – Grace, Josh, and Amanda – can do, please let me know, just don’t be a jerk, please.

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