What is Friendlies & Company?

An Experiment

Since 2020, I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons (Fifth Edition) as a player with Playing Games with Strangers and as a Dungeon Master with a home game. What’s great about having a podcast is the ease of listening to previous sessions for notes, especially in those moments when you or a player can’t remember some small detail from a month ago.

My players aren’t necessarily up for making their game a full-on podcast, but I think they could benefit from having recorded sessions. That’s what Friendlies & Company is for. In addition to the audio, I’ll be writing session notes, without spoilers of course.

In the end, it’s an experiment in tabletop role-playing games. I hope you enjoy the sessions, notes, and story if you’re an outsider. If you’re a player, I hope this is a helpful tool for you to review before each session.

– Dave –